Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Expedition and lacking meters...

Welcome to my project - Nanga Parbat Experience 2013 (8,126 m above sea level).

I am not associated with any of the official alpine organizations, I'm just an experienced enthusiast of high mountain climbing. I am sharing this passion with you through the "Let's go to the Mountains" project. I've been climbing for a long time - mainly the Tatras, I've also been to the Alps (Mt. Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Grossglockner), the Caucasus (Kazbek / Georgia, Elbrus / Russia), Central Asia (Mt Damavand / Iran, Ararat / Kurdistan), South America (Aconcagua / Argentina), Africa (Ras Dshen / Ethiopia, Jebel Toubkal / Morocco) ... Now is the time for Himalayas.

I do not have any sponsors, nor media and business world support... All I can is count on myself, family and you! So, I'd like to invite you to take part in this exciting adventure!

My trip is not a sporting challenge. It's not about any competition nor beating records. First of all Nanga Parbat Experience is ment to be an unforgetable adventure!

I dont need much to make my dream come true - only the 8126 meters - only 10 cents per each one.

Details of the expedition: 

  • date: June 2013 
  • summit: 8126 m
  • aggressiveness: 0%
  • competition: 0%
  • showing off: 0%
  • pride and arrogance: 0%
  • adventure: 100%
  • fun: 100% 
  • lacking amount: 812.6 EUR

Lacking meters gather here:  igg.me/at/nanga2013



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